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2018 Research Program,
Operating Grants and Career Scientist Award


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Deadline: January 8,
2018, 16:00 ET.

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Guidelines and Conditions
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The Canadian Anesthesiologists’ Society (CAS) offers two types of research grants through the Canadian Anesthesia Research Foundation.

CAS Career Scientist Award in Anesthesia 

The Career Scientist Award provides partial salary support for the investigator to fund protected research time. The Career Scientist Award is normally awarded every other year, but on a trial basis this is available in 2018 and will also be available in 2019.  

Operating Grants

Operating Grants provide funding to cover the direct costs related to a
single research project. In 2018, we are pleased to offer the following five operating grants of which two are in subspecialty fields, one is an open award, one grant that is designated for new investigators and one grant for individuals committed to doing research during their residency training.

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