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Get detailed information about volunteering in Rwanda from
Global Health Office of Anesthesia Initiatives, Dalhousie University

  • A Guide for Volunteers Traveling to Rwanda 
  • Ikinya (23-minute documentary film about CAS IEF work in Rwanda)
  • Link to the Global Health Fellowship

Read about Dr Lauren Zolpys experience volunteering 

Since 2006, the Rwanda project has been CAS IEF’s most important activity. Many volunteers have worked closely with staff in Rwanda to deliver education for safe anesthesia, as well as to provide educational materials and other essentials.

We’re proud of our successes.
  • Our two first Rwandan residents, Drs Bona and Paulin, spent six months at Dalhousie University and are now staff anesthesiologists in Kigali.

  • Drs Theoneste and Christian have also completed a six-month anesthesia elective at Dalhousie University.

  • Drs Antoine and Theoneste graduated from National Univeristy of Rwanda in anesthesia in January 2012.

  • Drs Alfred and Claude will arrive in Kingston, ON in March 2012 for a six-month elective at Queens University.

  • Local Rwandan anesthesiologists are continuing to become more involved in teaching and supervising the anesthesia residents and pursuing their own higher education goals.

Rwandan anesthesia residents

  • Volunteers who return to Rwanda consistently report notable improvements in the quality of anesthesia and organization of the anesthesia team.

  • Five Rwandan anesthesiologists have had abstracts accepted for presentation at the World Congress of Anesthesiologists meeting in 2012.

  • A number of collaborative research projects are underway between Rwandan and Canadian anesthesiologists.

  • A Rwandan Pain Society has been established. A senior Rwandan nurse and a Rwandan pharmacist will travel to Montreal in March 2012 for further pain management training.

  • The Rwandan anesthesia didactic curriculum has been revised and will started in January 2012.

  • A program is being developed to improve maternal safety in Rwanda.

  • Low-fidelity simulation training is being developed in Rwanda. 


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CAS IEF hopes to have sufficient staff in the near future to cover all the needs of the two major hospitals in Kigali and Butare, and some major peripheral centres.
We need your help.

Thanks to the generosity of our volunteers and financial donors, the Rwandan program is growing steadily and attracts a lot of attention and interest. The initiative is held in high esteem as a positive step for building future humanitarian missions.

Please consider helping those who are less fortunate with your knowledge and expertise. Donations are accepted here.


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