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2017 Honour Award Recipients

Gold Medal recipient:

Dr Beverley Orser

Toronto, ON

The Gold Medal is the highest award given by CAS. It is a personal award consisting of an inscribed medal given in recognition of excellence and leadership in anesthesia.

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Clinical Teacher Award recipient:

Dr Jean Bussières

Quebec, QC

The Clinical Teacher Award recognizes excellence in the teaching of clinical anesthesia.

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Clinical Practitioner Award recipient:

Dr Stephen Kowalski

Winnipeg, MB

The Clinical Practitioner Award recognizes excellence in clinical anesthesia practice.

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John Bradley Young Educator Award recipient:

Dr Paul Wieczorek

Montreal, QC

The John Bradley Young Educator Award recognizes excellence and effectiveness in education in anesthesia.

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Research Recognition Award recipient:

Dr Gregory Hare

Toronto, ON

The Research Recognition Award honours a senior investigator who has contributed to and sustained major contributions in anesthesia research in Canada.

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Emeritus Membership recipient:

Dr Diane Biehl
Winnipeg, MB

Emeritus Membership recognizes retired individuals who during their long-standing practice made a significant contribution to anesthesia.

Medical Student Prize recipients:

The Medical Student Prize increases awareness among undergraduate medical students of the specialty of anesthesia and the role of anesthesiologists in healthcare.

2017 Medical Student Prize recipients


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