Canadian Anesthesiologists' Society

CAS Career Scientist Award in Anesthesia

This program provides partial salary support over two years to a qualified new investigator to fund a minimum of two days per week of protected research time. The award requires availability of matching funds from the successful applicant's university or faculty. With the matching contribution from the recipient’s institution, the CAS award of $60,000 represents a total award of $120,000 over two years. Consideration is given to the novelty and importance of the applicant's proposed research program in either basic or clinical sciences related to anesthesia, perioperative medicine and/or pain management.


  • This award will be offered in 2017, 2018 and 2019 on a trial basis.
  • Individuals seeking both an Operating Grant and a Career Scientist Award must complete separate applications.

Applications are invited from Active members of the CAS who have demonstrated a commitment toward establishing or pursuing an identifiable research program. Applicants must hold a faculty appointment in a department of anesthesia at a Canadian university and have a minimum one year of formal research training, with this training having been completed within ten years of the application deadline.

This award is made possible through generous donations to the Canadian Anesthesia Research Foundation (CARF) from CAS members, institutions and industries that are committed to anesthesia research.

The Canadian Anesthesiologists' Society gratefully acknowledges the support of the Canadian Anesthesia Research Foundation.

Please review to all relevant Guidelines & Conditions and required statements before applying for this award.


About the Research Program

Guidelines and Conditions