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2018 -2019 award cycle

**Guidelines & Conditions**

Please review all relevant Guidelines & Conditions and required statements before applying for this award.

2018 Career Scientist Guidelines & Conditions

2018 Guidelines on the Ethics of Clinical Research in Anesthesia

2018 General Guidelines & Conditions

2018 Operating Grants Guidelines & Conditions

2018 Residents' Award Guidelines & Conditions

Common CV

A draft Academic CIHR-validated Funding Common CV file in pdf format is required for all applicants and co-applicants; you cannot use any other format.

Note: If you have not updated your CCV recently, be prepared to spend extra time on the CCV in advance of the submission deadline.

Common CV of Co-Applicants
Co-applicants are restricted to listing awards and papers from the last five years; please ensure that the Common CV of co-applicants only include the last five years.

For more information
For more information on the CCV, please refer to the CCV website. CCV Help, including training videos highlighting what is new in the CCV and tips and tricks for using the new system are now available on the CIHR website (

The following Common CV Information Sheet shows how to create a draft Academic CIHR Funding pdf file of Common CV.

Required Statement

Data Sharing Statement - Déclaration de partage des donnée

CAS Residents' Attestation of primary authorship - Attestation du statut de resident et d’auteur principal


Final Report Template

Progress Report Template


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