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Budget Impact on Incorporated Canadian Physicians Practising under Partnership Agreements

As you are aware, the Canadian Anesthesiologists' Society (CAS) has been making strong representations to the CMA on the issue of recent federal budget provisions which may significantly affect certain incorporated Canadian physicians who practice under partnership agreements. Recognizing that CMA is best positioned to carry this advocacy forward on behalf of all Canadian physicians, we (CAS) assure our members that we remain in close contact with CMA, supporting and encouraging their efforts as this issue evolves.

Linked here is a letter sent to all members of the Canadian Medical Association (CMA) on Friday, April 22 updating their membership with respect to their advocacy efforts to our national government.

We are aware that most, but not necessarily all, members of CAS are also members of CMA, and we are forwarding this CMA communication, with the permission of CMA, in order to ensure that all CAS members receive it.

You will note that this CMA communication contains notice of a webinar hosted by MD  Financial Management on May 9, 2016, which will discuss the potential impact of the budgetary proposals on certain medical professional corporations. Here is the link to further information and registration for this webinar.

Finally, please do not overlook the CMA's encouragement ( to participate in their MD-MP contact program. All MPs are available in their constituencies at certain times during the year for appointments with constituents. The CMA MD-MP contact program acts to arrange meetings between MDs and their local MP, as well as to provide valuable background information, advice and suggested discussion points.

On the issue of the federal budget proposals affecting incorporated physicians in partnerships, it is obvious that physician constituents of the Minister of
Finance, Mr. Bill Morneau (Toronto Centre), or of the Minister of Health, Dr.
Jane Philpott (Markham - Stouffville) would be particularly valuable in
communicating to decision makers the importance of maintaining viable clinical
and academic medical partnerships.

CAS is very willing to advise its members, alone or in conjunction with CMA, on discussion points for any of our members who wish to engage with their elected federal representative. In my personal experience, I have met with my Member of Parliament, the former Minister of Health, Rona Ambrose through the CMA MD-MP contact program, with some success on the Drug Shortages issue, and attest to the value of political engagement in general, and the CMA MD-MP contact program in particular.

Dr Douglas DuVal, CAS Vice-President
Co-Chair, Medical Economics/ Physician Resources Committee

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