Canadian Anesthesiologists' Society

2018 Recipients – Research Operating Grants & Awards

Career Scientist Award

Dr Harsha Shanthanna

McMaster University
Hamilton, ON

High Quality Clinical Trials to Optimize Perioperative Analgesia, Reduction of Harms and Improvement of Patient Outcomes and their Synergy Towards Establishing a Strong and Sustainable Perioperative Anesthesia and Pain Research Program of Excellence


New Investigator Award

Canadian Anesthesiologists’ Society Research Award

Dr Jason Chui

University of Western Ontario
London, ON

A randomized controlled study in detection and prevention of nerve injury using a novel automated Somatosensory Evoked Potential monitoring device in shoulder arthroplasty surgery

Subspecialty Awards

CAS Research Award in Neuroanesthesia in memory of Adrienne Cheng

Dr Tiffany Rice

University of Calgary
Calgary, AB

Neurobiological, cognitive-affective and behavioral changes following exposure to either sevoflurane- or propofol-based anesthesia in children undergoing MRI

Dr Earl Wynands Research Award in Cardiovascular Anesthesia

Dr Andre Denault

Université de Montréal
Montréal, QC

The clinical significance of portal hypertension after cardiac surgery: an international multicenter prospective observational study

Open Award

Dr R A Gordon Research Award for Innovation in Patient Safety

Dr Sylvain Boet

Ottawa Hospital Research Institute
Ottawa, ON

Enhancing surgical care and outcomes through
education and knowledge translation (Phase 1): Using the Operating Room Black
Box to advance teamwork and patient safety

Residents’ Research Award

Ontario's Anesthesiologists - CAS Residents' Research Grant

Dr Joanna Moser

University of Calgary
Calgary, AB

Neurodevelopmental Outcome of Preterm Infants Exposed to Potentially Neurotoxic Medications During Their NICU Admission


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