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Key features of new SpringerLink website

Easier to find on Google and Google Scholar
Springer works closely with Google and other search engines so that they “see” the full text, and do not judge the relevancy of an article based only on the abstract. Extra metatags have been added to all pages on SpringerLink which helps increase the ranking of the content in search results.

Speed and Convenience
New SpringerLink is now 3 times faster than the previous platform making it even easier for users to find your content. In fact, SpringerLink is faster than more than 65% of all sites on the web!

New Springerlink site

Search by author
Authors’ names throughout SpringerLink content are now hyperlinked making it easier for users to find other articles published by that author, improving discoverability.

Auto Suggest
This new feature suggests search terms to help users get straight to the content they need.

Look Inside
This two-page preview is accessible directly from the search results to help users decide if an article is right for their needs before downloading the content.


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Key features of new SpringerLink website