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Récipiendaires 2011 – programme de recherche

Bourse de carrière de recherche en anesthésie de la SCA


Dr Ron George

Dalhousie University - Department of Women's & Obstetric Anesthesia, Halifax, Nova Scotia


Récipiendaire : Bourse de carrière de recherche en anesthésie de la SCA

Enhancing analgesia and anesthesia for women and high-risk pregnancies

Subventions de fonctionnement pour les nouveaux chercheurs


Dr Ki Jinn Chin

University of Toronto - Department of Anesthesia, Toronto, Ontario


Récipiendaire : Bourse de nouveaux chercheurs Laboratoires Abbott en anesthésie

Can anesthesia trainees effectively use ultrasound imaging to facilitate the performance of spinal anesthesia in patients with poorly-palpable surface landmarks?


Dr Ahtsham Niazi

University of Toronto - Department of Anesthesia, Toronto, Ontario

Récipiendaire : Bourse canadienne de recherche en anesthésie Baxter Corporation

The use of an interactive 3D anatomic model to improve initial performance in ultrasound scanning of the spine


Dr M Dylan Bould

The Children's Hospital of Eastern Ontario – Anesthesiology, Ottawa, Ontario

Récipiendaire : Bourse de recherche de la Société canadienne des anesthésiologistes

Simulation-based assessment for pediatric anesthesiology: a prospective, multicenter study

Subventions de fonctionnement en surspécialité


Dr Stuart McCluskey

Toronto General Hospital - Anesthesia and Pain Management, Toronto, Ontario

Récipiendaire : Bourse de recherche Dr Earl-Wynands–Fresenius Kabi

Intraoperative Fluid Therapy for Patients Undergoing Deceased Donor Renal Transplantation: A modifiable risk factor for delayed graft function.

Dr Francesco Carli

McGill University Health Center – Anesthesia, Montreal, Quebec

Winner#1:  Bourse de recherche Dr R-A-Gordon en sécurité des patients

Oral Whey Protein to Improve Protein Metabolism and Attenuate the Inflammatory Response After Colorectal Surgery with Epidural Analgesia.

Dr Richard Hall

Dalhousie University – Anesthesiology, Halifax, Nova Scotia

Winner#2:  Bourse de recherche Dr R-A-Gordon en sécurité des patients

Identification and Quantification of the Effects of a Surgery-induced Peripheral Inflammatory Response on Changes in Drug Efflux Transporter Function in the Brain


Dr Daniel Bainbridge

London Health Sciences Centre, London, Ontario

Récipiendaire :  Bourse de recherche SCA–GE Healthcare Canada en imagerie périopératoire

Virtual reality with ultrasound guidance versus ultrasound guidance alone for central line insertion: A randomized trial.

Dr Alexis Turgeon

Université Laval - Anesthesiology, Critical Care Medicine, Quebec, Quebec

Récipiendaire :  Bourse de recherche de la SCA en neuroanesthésie
À la mémoire d’Adrienne Cheng

Predictive value of biomarkers for prognosis in patients with moderate and severe traumatic brain injury: A systematic review and meta-analysis

Dr Michael Zaugg

University of Alberta - Anesthesiology and Pain Med., Edmonton, Alberta

Récipiendaire :  Bourse canadienne de recherche sur la douleur et (ou) l’anesthésie régionale

Anti-proliferative Effects of Local Anesthetics on Mesenchymal Stem Cells: The Critical Role of Dipeptidyl Peptidase-2 (DPP-2) Implications for Perioperative Tumor Spreading and Wound Healing

Bourse de recherche pour résidents

Dr Sinziana Avramescu

University of Toronto – Anesthesiology, Toronto, Ontario

Récipiendaire :  Bourse de recherche SCA–Vitaid pour résidents

Does inflammation alter sensitivity to anesthetics?


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