CAS Choosing Wisely Canada

Choosing Wisely Canada inspires and engages health care professionals to take leadership in reducing unnecessary tests, treatments and procedures, and enables them with simple tools and resources that make it easier to choose wisely. The CAS Choosing Wisely Canada Committee focuses on anesthesia and makes recommendations to improve practices within the field.

CAS Choosing Wisely Canada Chair(s)

Dr Kyle Kirkham
Chair | Toronto, ON


  • Dr Gregory Bryson
  • Dr Duminda Wijeysundera
  • Dr Thomas Mutter
  • Dr Angela Ridi
  • Dr Kyle Gorman
  • Dr Donal Finegan
  • Dr Mehdi Sefidgar
  • Dr Peter Moliner
  • Dr Haythem Yousif
  • Dr Tim Maxwell
  • Dr Ian Beauprie
  • Dr Dolores McKeen, CAS President
  • Dr Susan O'Leary
  • Ms Debra Thomson, CAS Executive Director

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