10 Essential Team Needs As We Move Past Crisis

Keys to Encourage Engagement, Productivity and Combat Burnout

Date: Thursday March 31, 2022
Time: 6:00 p.m. – 7:30 p.m. ET
Location: Webinar
Members-Only (Complimentary)

Last autumn we asked for your feedback in the 2021 CAS Needs-Assessment, this survey assists us in guiding educational offerings for you, our members. Results from the Needs-Assessment revealed that members want leadership skills and are suffering from burnout and increased stress.  

While clinical and academic workloads have fluctuated throughout the pandemic, members in leadership positions shared they were busier than ever and work was more stressful and unpredictable than before Covid-19, with less boundaries between work and personal life. In the coming months, teams expect to be busier and face new challenges as they begin to tackle the surgical backlog and deal with the healthcare human resources crisis brought on by the pandemic.  

To assist our members, we are offering a complimentary members-only event: 10 Essential Team Needs As We Move Past Crisis. Burnout and role overload are pervasive during times of change and crisis. How do you ensure that your team and colleagues are feeling safe, supported, and productive in these unprecedented times? 

Teams were having difficulty coping with stress and were facing burnout and mental health challenges long before COVID-19 came along. Throughout the pandemic healthcare professionals have experienced heightened stress. Research shows that failing to meet the essential needs of your team will result in burnout, mental health challenges, increased absenteeism, disengagement and lost productivity. Leaders who understand their team’s essential needs will have teams that can thrive during this uncertainty. 

Learning Outcomes for attendees

  • Recognize the signs and symptoms that are signaling that your team is not coping with the uncertainty and disruption
  • Distinguish the 10 Essential Team Needs that must be addressed in supporting your team
  • Avoid the pitfalls of managing a team during and after crisis
  • Discover the 3 Cs that are vital to effective leadership 

You should attend if:

  • You manage a team
  • You are in a leadership position
  • You are working towards a leadership position

Although this session is tailored towards those in current leadership positions, it is valuable for anyone working towards managing a team. Successful leaders know that healthy employees are a competitive edge and they know that small shifts can have a major impact. By focusing on these 10 Essential Needs, this training will help you to choose the most effective strategies to help your team move forward through this crisis, minimize their negative stress symptoms and reactions, and protect their mental health now and in the future.

Beverly Beuermann-King
Work Smart Live Smart 

For over 20 years, Beverly has used her S-O-S Principle™ with people and organizations who want to control their reactions to stress, build resiliency against life’s challenges, and live healthy, successful lives.
Beverly’s psychology, sociology, management, and adult education background combine to create her Work Smart Live Smart presentations, which are soundly based in research, and are enlightening and inspirational. Audiences discover the right strategies to improve their health, manage their challenges, and enhance their life’s satisfaction using three simple questions.
Beverly is a sought-after media spokesperson and has made over 500 television and radio appearances on shows such as City TV and CBC, and in national publications from the Toronto Star newspaper to Chatelaine magazine. She is one of less than seventy Canadians to have earned their Certified Speaking Professional designation and has been accredited as a Certified Virtual Presenter through eSpeakers and through Power Women WorldWide.