Canadian Anesthesiologists' Society

2013 Oral Competition and Best Paper Winners

Richard Knill Competition

Dr Jose Carvalho

Residents' Competition 1st prize

Dr Kimberly Macala

Residents' Competition 2nd prize

Dr Roshan Raban

Residents' Competition 3rd prize

Dr Andrew John Heikkila

Ambulatory Best Paper

Dr Waleed Riad Soliman

Neuroanesthesia Best Paper

Dr Jigesh Mehta


Obstetric Best Paper

Dr Nhathien Nguyen-Lu

Pediatric Best Paper

Dr Terri Sun

Perioperative Best Paper

Dr Li Wang

Regional Anesthesia Best Paper

Dr Yu-Chun Hung

Ian White Patient Safety Award

Dr Yuri Koumpan

CVT Raymond Martineau Prize

Dr Jean Bussières

Education and Simulation Winner

Dr Tobias Everett




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