Alexandra Fottinger

Award for Best Paper in Ambulatory Anesthesia

Dr Taras Usichenko

University Medicine of Greifswald

Recovery of psychomotor function in patients after ambulatory surgery under general anaesthesia with and without anxiolytic premedication – a randomized investigation

Award for Best Paper in Chronic Pain

Dr Craig Stewart

Queen’s University         

Does the speed of sternal retraction during coronary artery bypass graft surgery affect postoperative pain outcomes?: A randomized controlled trial
J miller

Award for Best Paper in Neuroanesthesia

Dr Jillian Miller

University of Calgary

Cognitive and behavioral changes following exposure to either sevoflurane- or propofol-based anesthesia in children undergoing MRI

Award for Best Paper in Obstetric Anesthesia (anesthesiologists)

Mrinalini Balki

University of Toronto

Prophylactic co-administration of oxytocin-ergonovine or oxytocin-carboprost versus oxytocin alone at cesarean delivery for labor arrest: A randomized controlled trial

Award for Best Paper in Obstetric Anesthesia (residents/medical students)

Indranil Balki

University of Toronto

Sepsis in Pregnancy: Trends in Canada (SePTIC Study)

Award for Best Paper in Perioperative

Varun Suresh

University of Alberta


BNP as a Screening Tool for Myocardial Infarction and Myocardial Injury after Noncardiac Surgery

Award for Best Paper in Regional Anesthesia and Acute Pain

David Flusk

Memorial University of Newfoundland

A phase IV real-world study on the use of low-dose methoxyflurane (PENTHROX™) for the treatment of moderate to severe trauma pain in the Canadian emergency department (ADVANCE-ED): an interim report on adverse events

Canadian Anesthesiologists' Society Critical Care Medicine Award

Brendan Munn

University of British Columbia

Gastric ultrasound in stable patients with decreased level of consciousness and recreational substance use -- are presumed full stomachs full?

Ian White Patient Safety Award

Jason Chui

University of  Western Ontario

A Novel Approach for Assessment of the Efficacy of Somatosensory Evoked Potentials for Detection of Peripheral Nerve Injury: A proof-of-concept study

CVT Raymond Martineau Prize

Calvin Thompson

University of Ottawa

Implementation of an Enhanced Recovery After Thoracic Surgery (ERATS) Program at an Academic Center

Richard Knill Competition

Kyle Chin

St. Michael's Hospital, Toronto

Renal Tissue PO2 Measurements Reflect the Degree of Acute Hemodilution and Demonstrate a Negative Impact of Starch Colloid on Renal Oxygenation

1st Place Residents' Oral Competition

Simon Feng

University of Ottawa

Derivation and Exter+A4:D15nal Validation of a 30-Day Mortality Risk Prediction Model for Older Patients Having Emergency General Surgery