Volunteer Opportunities

CAS offers members several opportunities for personal involvement, professional development and engagement.

By taking on a volunteer role in your Society, you join an enthusiastic team dedicated to advancing the profession of anesthesia. A role with CAS allows you to share your unique experiences with others, learn new skills, push forward innovative ideas, and develop key professional and personal networks. Your ongoing input is critical to CAS' accomplishments and to the development and empowerment of anesthesiologists across the country and internationally.

To apply, please send your notification of interest to anesthesia@cas.ca, outlining the role you are applying for. 

Updated: August 2021

Current vacancies:

Continuing Education and Professional Development (CEPD) Committee

Positions Available: 3-4

Roles: Committee Chair, Committee Members; Resident Representative

The CEPD Committee was established to consider and advise the CAS Board on specialty and non-specialty education in all aspects of anesthesia, and to provide expertise on Maintenance of Certification and continuing professional development to CAS members, Annual Meeting delegates, consumers of CAS-supported educational material, and applicants for accreditation. The Committee also functions as an educational resource and support for all relevant Committees, Divisions, Sections, and the Canadian Journal of Anesthesia. Ideally, but not mandatory, the Chair has some experience in working in continuing professional development including theory and practice. 

The CEPD Committee Chair coordinates the Committee activity including education, suggests/advises on relevant speakers and content areas. The Chair also reviews accreditation and delegates review of pre-screened applications. The Chair will also plan Committee meetings, consult the CAS Office in establishing the Committee budget, and report annually on the Committee activity. Finally, the Chair will stand on several Committees and sub-Committees that determine all educational content is planned in accordance with requirements for accredited CME/CPD activities.

Archives and Artifacts Committee

Positions Available: 2-3

Roles: Committee Vice-Chair, Committee Members

The Archives and Artifacts (A&A) Committee is responsible for organizing and preserving printed documents, audiovisual recordings and pictures (archives) and objects (artifacts) of historical significance to CAS and to anesthesia in Canada. Among its numerous other responsibilities, the A&A Committee is in charge of the development, planning and organization of the History Section of CAS’ web page and of the History Symposium at the CAS Annual Meeting. Help preserve national anesthesia history by joining!

Committee on Anesthesia Care Team (COACT)

Positions Available: 2-3 

Roles: Committee Members, Resident Representative

COACT is responsible for advising the CAS Board of Directors on matters pertaining to anesthesia regarding developments within the allied health fields and particularly with regard to Anesthesia Assistants.  

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DE&I)

Positions Available: 2

Roles: Resident Representatives

The CAS & ACUDA Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Committee was established to assess organizational inclusiveness, to ensure that any systemic biases or barriers are addressed and removed, and to report all findings to CAS & ACUDA leadership.  The committee will work to embed a commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion in every aspect of the organizations.  CAS and ACUDA value and embrace inclusion and consider it fundamental to success.

Ethics Committee

Positions Available - 2

Roles - Commitee Chair, Resident Representative

The Ethics Committee is responsible for advising the CAS Board of Directors on matters pertaining to the protection of human rights and values in light of ethical, scientific and technological progress in anesthesia, medicine and society in general.

Quality and Patient Safety Committee

Positions Available - 1-2

Roles - Committee Members; Resident Representative

The Quality and Patient Safety Committee is committed to promote and advocate a comprehensive patient safety program that serves our patients and CAS members, to establish initiatives that address specific areas, such as safe medication practices, simulation, anesthesia safety database, workplace human factors, education and research, and standards, and to advise the CAS Board of Directors regarding patient safety matters.

Research Advisory Committee

Positions Available - 1-2

Roles - Committee Members; Resident Representative

The Research Advisory Committee’s (RAC) most visible activity is overseeing, on behalf of CARF, the administration of the CAS Research Awards Program that offers annual Operating Grants and a Career Scientist Award. RAC is also responsible for advising the CAS Board on the promotion of anesthesia research in Canada and maintaining a watching brief on medical research in Canada to ensure that the Society remains responsive to trends and initiatives as they develop.

Standards Committee

Positions Available - 2

Roles - Committee Members

The Standards Committee provides expert advice and guidance on the standards of anesthesia practice and related matters to the CAS Board and society members.