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2019 Honour Award Recipients

Gold Medal:

The Gold Medal is the highest award given by CAS. It is a personal award consisting of a medal given in recognition of excellence and leadership in anesthesia. 

Dr David Mazer
Toronto, ON

Dr David Mazer has served CAS, as well as global anesthesiology and critical care communities, as an outstanding leader in all areas – clinical, academic, and administrative. His industrious career, spanning more than three decades, has led him to publish over 180 peer reviewed manuscripts in high impact journals and obtain millions of dollars in continuous peer reviewed grant funding. He is a dedicated clinician who has demonstrated a profound commitment to exemplary patient care at St. Michael’s Hospital and is one of the leading cardiovascular anesthesiologists and clinician scientists in Canada. He has been an ambassador for Canadian anesthesia through more than 200 invited lectures and professorships worldwide and has contributed to the development and publication of a broad number of clinical guidelines to promote the dissemination of new knowledge. The impact of Dr Mazer’s exceptional supervision and mentorship of countless medical students, residents, clinical fellows and graduate students has ensured his gift as a researcher, educator and leader will make an impact in all corners of the globe.  

Clinical Teacher Award: 

Dr Robert Chen
Ottawa, ON

Dr Robert Chen is recognized as a nationally acclaimed leader in Point of Care Ultrasound (POCUS), following years of hard work in cardiac anesthesiology, critical care and perioperative echocardiography. Throughout his career, he has excelled in a wide variety of clinical settings, including his time spent as a trauma team leader and neuro-trauma anesthesiologist/intensivist. In particular, his abilities as a clinical teacher have shone through greatly. Dr Chen is described by residents and fellows as a knowledgeable, experienced, and attentive teacher who is devoted to making his trainees better clinicians. His passion for teaching extends beyond his immediate clinical environment and he regularly uses social media to bring "pearls of clinical wisdom" to the many anesthesia trainees and colleagues who follow him. Throughout his career, Dr Chen has been devoted to passing his knowledge not only to trainees, but to his peers, and has presented and led workshops at local, regional and national levels, as well as contributing several monographs and book chapters. Although widely recognized across the anesthesia community in Canada, Dr Chen has also been involved in teaching point-of-care ultrasound modalities outside of his specialty, notably to Emergency Medicine and Critical Care physicians.

The Clinical Teacher Award recognizes excellence in the teaching of clinical anesthesia.

Clinical Practitioner Award: 

Dr David Bell
Owen Sound, ON          

Dr David Bell has worked tirelessly throughout his career to provide excellent patient care in many settings. He began his career at St. Michael's Hospital in Toronto as a Staff Anesthesiologist, including work in cardiac anesthesia and roles as an intensivist. Since 1980, he has provided 40 years of safe and compassionate clinical anesthesia care to the residents serviced by Grey Bruce Health Services (GBHS) in Owen Sound, Ontario. Dr Bell's compassion, humility and dedication to life-long learning have allowed for an excellent practice of clinical anesthesia over his career. Patients regularly comment on his kindness, gentle demeanor and sincerity, speaking volumes to his compassionate approach. He is an early-adopter who consistently practices an evidence-based style of medicine and is a constant inspiration to his colleagues seeking to model the strong commitment he shows to his art and science. Dr Bell played a large role in modernizing the practice of critical care at GBHS – introducing new monitoring techniques and an inter-disciplinary approach to care, and promoting a “closed” model of ICU that provides the sickest patients with access to improved physicians’ skills, better nursing and more consistent care. Dr Bell is routinely sought out by residents and fellows and has been affiliated with the teaching program at the University of Toronto for decades.

The Clinical Practitioner Award recognizes excellence in clinical anesthesia practice.

This year, we are very pleased to present two John Bradley Young Educator Awards.

John Bradley Young Educator Award recipients:

Dr Sonia Sampson
St. John's, NL

Dr Sonia Sampson is well recognized locally, nationally and internationally as an enthusiastic and gifted educator. Her teaching experience has included many teaching modalities including hands-on, one-on-one, didactic teaching, PBL groups and simulation. Dr Sampson has been a faculty member of the Department of Anesthesia at Memorial University since 2010 where she helped to develop and grow their simulation program. Additionally, she helped develop a formal mentorship program for residents, which has been emulated both locally in other specialties as well as nationally in anesthesia programs. She served as Research Chair from 2013-2018 and has mentored many residents in their research projects – in 2017 she received the Royal College Mentor of the Year Award for Region 5, having been selected from all specialities in each of the Atlantic Provinces. She has taught in regions outside of Canada, including Haiti, Guatemala and Kuwait, and is currently an External Examiner of Royal College International helping to set up an exam process in Kuwait.

The John Bradley Young Educator Award recognizes excellence and effectiveness in education in anesthesia.

Dr Jennifer Vergel de Dios
London, ON

Dr Jennifer Vergel de Dios is well known for her expertise with Competence By Design (CBD) at Western University, where she teaches in the Department of Anesthesia. She has worked tirelessly as the Competency By Design Lead to implement Competency Based Medical Education within the Department, and has continued to act as a strong advocate for resident education and provide clinically excellent care. Dr Vergel de Dios is sought out by trainees, routinely receiving high ratings and positive comments – including a nomination by residents for the resident teacher of the year award. She demonstrates a unique, innate ability to provide all those she teaches with clear, concise learning goals, while creating a comfortable learning environment in which to learn. Her work in CBD has also been recognized by national anesthesia groups, including the Specialty Committee of Anesthesiology at the Royal College and ACUDA, and her innovative ideas are currently being used in many Canadian programs. In 2018, Dr Vergel de Dios was the recipient of the prestigious Canadian Association for Medical Education Certificate of Merit Award.

The John Bradley Young Educator Award recognizes excellence and effectiveness in education in anesthesia.


Emeritus Membership:

Dr Anthony Boulton
Vancouver, BC          

Dr Anthony Boulton is a widely respected leader within the anesthesia community. Over an industrious career, he has served in many leadership roles, including on the executive of the BC Anesthesiologists’ Society and the Vancouver General Hospital Anesthesia Department. He has also served in many roles at CAS including President in 1998. During his time as CAS President he was pivotal in forging new directions, including coordinating the "image project" in which the members voted to change the name from the Canadian Anesthetists' Society to the
Canadian Anesthesiologists’ Society.
He continued his involvement with anesthesia societies by serving on the executive of the WFSA and supporting the World Congress in Montreal, as well as subsequent meetings in Europe and South America. Dr Boulton’s clinical career has been extremely strong as a sub specialist anesthesiologist at Vancouver General Hospital in the cardiac, neurosurgical and liver transplant surgery; he has been awarded the Vancouver Acute award for committee service for his leadership roles at Vancouver General and UBC Hospitals.

Emeritus Membership recognizes retired individuals who during their long-standing practice made a significant contribution to anesthesia.


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