CAS and Chiefs COVID-19 Surveys

CAS is connecting with our Hospital and Site Chiefs of Anesthesia on a weekly basis to gain information about the the current status of COVID-19 PPE and medication inventories/issues at hospitals across Canada.  This information will inform our advocacy efforts and provide CAS with an understanding of landscape during the pandemic.

CAS would like to distribute this survey to as many Chiefs and Site Chiefs as possible.  Please send any contact information to if you would like to be included, or would like the survey sent to your colleagues.
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May 22, 2020

GREEN - Sufficient to meet all needs 57%
YELLOW - Rationing - limited use 39%
RED - Unable to complete required procedures because of PPE shortages

Comment Highlights:
  • Masks distributed on arrival to hospital, replaced as needed. Some types limited supply. not affecting current level of care gowns limited. reusables being made/sourced.
  • We have sufficient PPE for current procedures, but cannot make 30 rolling stock that Ontario has recommended prior to ramping up elective procedures. I don't believe anyone in Ontario has a 30 day rolling stock.
  • Reusing visors, same mask for multiple patients.
  • Surgical blouses and N95 masks are fragile. Currently we are at 70% operating room capacity.
  • Surgical and procedural masks extended and reuse of masks. Reprocessing of N95 should they be needed.
  • Good supply for all we NEED to do but we don't have 30 days supply, as the gov't requests, before starting to ramp up elective surgery.
  • N95 and face shields are under the lock and key. Have to be signed out. N95 used until "grossly" soiled. N95 collected at the end of the shift to be resterilized.
  • Worst part of this crisis for us was having to provide leadership and organizational forces for the OR. The hospital, local leadership and govt totally neglected to prepare the OR for this pandemic.
  • Lacking sufficient glidescope blades for protected intubations.
RED - Unable to complete required procedures due to medication shortages? 5%
YELLOW - Rationing - limited use 30%
GREEN - Sufficient to meet all needs 65%

Comment Highlights:
  • Still concern re propofol and rocuronium. Using 2% propofol in ICU now.
  • We have a drug shortage taskforce that monitors the drug requirement and inventory.
  • We are not rationing at present but are monitoring the known shortages.
  • Running out of Propofol, midazolam. Sedation drugs in icu dictated by what is in greatest supply.
  • Midazolam and fentanyl are limited for use in endoscopy. Propofol is ok for the ORs. Currently activities at 70% normal.
  • Little short on fentanyl, but not rationing yet. Using more Sufenta than previous to help conserve the fentanyl for other departments.
  • Suffisant pour le niveau d'activité permis de 50% de la normale.
  • Large vials of propofol kept for the ICU areas. Most drugs in limited stock.

6 week percentage breakdown