Canadian Anesthesiologists' Society

2015 Oral Competition and Best Paper Winners

Richard Knill Competition

Dr Thomas Mutter

Residents' Competition 1st prize

Dr Étienne Couture

Residents' Competition 2nd prize

Dr Jordan Leitch

Residents' Competition 3rd prize

Dr Farah Manji


Medical Student Prize -
1st place

Hai Carlos Chuan


Medical Student Prize -
2nd place

Scott Adams

Medical Student Prize -
3rd place

Tina Hu

Ambulatory Best Paper

Dr Patrick St-Pierre

Chronic Pain Best Paper

Dr Jordan Leitch

Critical Care Best Paper

Dr Irene McGhee

Neuroanesthesia Best Paper

Dr Sinziana Avramescu


Obstetric Best Paper

Dr Chiraag Talati


Pediatric Best Paper

Dr Adam Spencer

Perioperative Best Paper

Dr Thomas Mutter

Regional Anesthesia Best Paper

Dr Caroline Borkett-Jones

Ian White Patient Safety Award

Dr Ludwik Fedorko

CVT Raymond Martineau Prize Winner

Dr Phillip Jones

Education and Simulation Winner

Dr Sylvain Boet



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