Sponsored Symposium at the CAS Annual Meeting

Intraoperative Deep Neuromuscular Block: Impact on the Management of Intraoperative and Postoperative Nociception

Saturday, June 25, 12:45 - 1:45 pm

After attending the symposium sponsored by MERCK, attendees will be able to:
1) Review the impact of deep neuromuscular block on surgical conditions
2) Discuss scientific data on the management of intra and postoperative nociception in patients undergoing deep neuromuscular block
3) Discuss the role of novel drugs approved in Canada in reversing deep neuromuscular block in patients undergoing surgical procedures

Richebe-Philippe-2019.jpg Dr Philippe Richebé, MD, PhD, DESAR, Full Professor with tenure, director of the research committee of the department of anesthesiology and pain medicine of University of Montréal, President of the Foundation of Anesthesia and Reanimation of Quebec (FARQ). Member of the Perioperative Anesthesia Clinical Trial (PACT) group and its steering committee affiliated with the Canadian Society of Anesthesia (CAS), Member of the Québécois Society of Anesthesiology (AAQ) and its meeting organisation committee, President of the Foundation of the AAQ, Member of the American (ASA) and French (SFAR) Societies of Anesthesiology, and SOAP. Member of the Editorial Borad of the Canadian Journal of Anesthesia and the ACCPM journal (French Society anesthesia).


– Symposium Sponsor–

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