Société canadienne des anesthésiologistes

Gagnants des présentations orales et meilleurs articles 2018

Concours de recherche Richard-Knill

Dr Michael Dinsmore
Toronto Western Hospital
Toronto, ON

3D Printed Thermal Powered Laryngoscope

Concours des résidents - première position et Meilleur article en médecine périopératoire

Dr Guillaume Bousquet-Dion
McGill University                 
Montréal, QC
Using multimodal prehabilitation to improve outcomes for frail patients undergoing resection of colorectal cancer

Concours des résidents - deuxième position

Dr Simon Feng
University of Ottawa 
Ottawa, ON

Increased Cost Associated with Anemia in Elective Colorectal Surgery

Concours des résidents - deuxième position et Meilleur article en anesthésie obstétricale

Dr Matthew Kokotilo
University of Alberta
Edmonton, AB

Correlation Between Maternal and Fetal Hemoglobin at Cesarean Section

Meilleur article en anesthésie ambulatoire

Dr Michael Little 
Toronto Western Hospital
Toronto, ON

Total intravenous vs inhaled anesthetic for intraoperative visualization during endoscopic sinus surgery

Meilleur article en douleur chronique

Dr Shalini Dhir
University of Western Ontario 
London, ON

Ketamine, lidocaine and combination for postoperative analgesia in liver resection: A randomized controlled trial

Meilleur article en médecine des soins intensifs

Dr John Murkin
University of Western Ontario
London, ON

Initial Soft Tissue Oxygenation is Inversely Associated With Prolonged ICU Admission

Prix Raymond-Martineau de la section CVT

Dr Emanuela Paradiso
Toronto Western Hospital
Toronto, ON

Echocardiographic evaluation of systolic ventricular function in a porcine model of DCD followed by cold storage

Meilleur article en formation en anesthésie et en simulation

Dr Zeev Friedman
University of Toronto
Toronto, ON

Failing to Fail Underperforming Residents - Do We Have a Problem?

Prix Ian-White de sécurité des patients

Dr Stefan Kojic
University Of Saskatchewan
Saskatoon, SK
Co Author: Dr Fabian Magistris                 

Airway cuff pressures: Prospective observational multicentre study with a Canada wide-survey

Meilleur article en neuroanesthésie

Dr Nicholas Amyotte
University of Alberta
Edmonton, AB

Motor evoked potentials under isoflurane anesthesia in rats are increased with buspirone and levodopa/carbidopa

Meilleur article en anesthésie pédiatrique

Dr Susan Goobie
Childrens Hospital Boston
Boston, MA

Comparison of the Efficacy & Pharmacokinetics of Two Tranexamic Acid Dosage Regimes for Craniosynostosis Surgery


Meilleur article en anesthésie régionale

Dr Maxim Roy
Université de Montréal
Montréal, ON
Pec 1 block is associated with a significant motor block and no sensory changes: a volunteer randomized study




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