Education and Simulation in Anesthesia (SESA)

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Originally called the Section for Education in Anesthesia (SEA), SESA (Section for Education and Simulation in Anesthesia) underwent a restructuring in 2009, partnering with the Simulation Interest Group to accommodate the growing trend of simulation-based education. 

SESA has an important mission in Canadian anesthesiology, specifically in education. This vision includes:

  • teaching undergraduate, postgraduate or continuing medical education students
  • helping anesthesiologists become better examiners at universities or the Royal College
  • Design and deliver simulation-based education at a consistently high level
  • Present and collaborate on medical education research
  • Provide opportunities to learn about medical education leadership
  • provide opportunities to share key education information with an involved network of peers 

Education and Simulation in Anesthesia (SESA) Chair(s)

Dr Fahad Alam
Chair | Toronto, ON

Section Executive

  • Jason Taam, Treasurer
  • Jennifer Vergel de Dios, Member at Large
  • Robyn Doucet, ACUDA representative