Physician Wellness

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The Anesthesiology Physician Wellness Committee is dedicated to supporting practices that encourage anesthesia physician wellbeing and health, while also addressing the increasing rates of burnout in our specialty.

The committee will work to encourage and guide changes in both physicians' workplace (e.g. administrative support, flexible working hours, peer support, debriefing support after challenging clinical/professional encounters, support through career transitions) and personal life (networking opportunities and financial advice). 

It is the Committee’s guiding principle that physician happiness and quality patient perioperative care are directly linked. The Committee will be responsive to members' needs, and develop goals, programs, and initiatives based on feedback from anesthesia physicians, as well as scholarly work in the area of physician wellbeing and burnout.


  • Dr Fahad Alam
  • Dr Sukhjeewan Basran
  • Dr Tumul Chowdhury
  • Dr Chris Durr
  • Dr Claudia Gomez
  • Dr Vit Gunka
  • Dr Mika Hamilton
  • Dr Jennifer Klinck
  • Dr Allana Munro
  • Dr Brittany Prevost
  • Dr Mandeep Singh
  • Dr Hamed Umedaly
  • Dr Anne Wong
  • CAS President (or designate)
The CAS Chief Executive Officer (CEO) can attend committee meetings at their discretion​.


The Wellness Connection is a virtual, safe space for physicians and medical learners to gather and discuss shared experiences, get support, seek advice and help each other. 

CMA Wellness Support Lines 

  • Alberta (877-767-4637)
  • British Columbia (1-800-663-6729)
  • Manitoba (844-436-2762) and (204-237-8320)
  • New Brunswick (506-875-6749)
  • Newfoundland and Labrador (844-675-9222)
  • Nunavut (844-675-9222)
  • Nova Scotia (855-275-8215)
  • Ontario (800-851-6606)
  • Prince Edward Island (800-663-6729)
  • Quebec (Montreal) (514-397-0888)
  • Quebec (Greater Quebec) (800-387-4166)
  • Saskatchewan (844-675-9222)
  • Yukon (844-675-9222)

additional resources

These resources have been curated by the CAS Physician Wellness Committee. All articles are in English unless otherwise stated.

  1. Managing Healthcare Workers’ Stress Associated with the COVID-19 Virus Outbreak
  2. Ensuring Our Own Wellbeing as We Care for Others During the COVID-19 Crisis
  3. "Acute Stress" and Resilience
  4. COVID-19 and Healthcare Responder Stress
  5. Vital Signs in Anaesthesia. A guide for anaesthetists seeking help and advice during the COVID crisis
  6. Optimal sleep health among frontline healthcare workers during the COVID-19 pandemic 
  7. Optimal sleep - Infographic (PDF)
  1. CMA Wellness Centre
  2. Physician Wellness (College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario)
  3. Emergency Responders: Tips for taking care of yourself (CDCP)
  4. Well Doc Alberta Physician Wellness Resources 
  5. Taking care of your mental health needs in the face of uncertainty -
  6. Supporting physician wellness: an essential part of CMPA’s assistance
  7. Intensive Care Society: Wellbeing and Psychological Resource Library