CAS Board of Directors

As of March 2019

Executive Committee

President: Dr Daniel Bainbridge, London, ON
Vice-President: Dr Dolores McKeen, Halifax, NS
Secretary: Dr Andrew Nice, Halifax, NS
Treasurer:  Dr James Kim, North Vancouver, BC
Past President: Dr Douglas DuVal, Edmonton, AB

Divisional Representatives

Newfoundland & Labrador:
Dr Angela Ridi, St. John's, NL
Prince Edward Island: Dr Jean-Yves Dubois, Charlottetown, PE
Nova Scotia: Dr Dennis Drapeau, Halifax, NS
New Brunswick: Dr John Murdoch, Fredericton, NB
Quebec: Dr Guiseppe Fuda, St-Laurent, QC
Ontario: Dr Monica Olsen, Toronto, ON
Manitoba: Dr Jennifer Plester, Winnipeg, MB
Saskatchewan: Dr Mateen Raazi (Interim), Saskatoon, SK
Alberta: Dr Michael Cassidy, Calgary, AB
British Columbia: Dr Michelle Scheepers, Vancouver, BC

Ex-officio Member
ACUDA President: Dr Roanne Preston, Vancouver, BC

Resident Representative
Dr Maria Salman, Toronto, ON

Executive Director 
Ms Debra Thomson

Invited Guests
CARF Chair: Dr Doreen Yee, Toronto, ON
CASIEF Chair: Dr Dylan Bould, Ottawa, ON
CJA Editor-in-Chief: Dr Hilary Grocott, Winnipeg, MB
RCPSC Representative: Dr Hélène Pellerin, Québec, QC

You may contact the Board of Directors through the Canadian Anesthesiologists' Society central office.