quality and Patient Safety

The Quality and Patient Safety Committee is committed to promote and advocate a comprehensive patient safety program that serves our patients and CAS members, to establish initiatives that address specific areas, such as safe medication practices, simulation, anesthesia safety database, workplace human factors, education and research, and standards, and to advise the CAS Board of Directors regarding patient safety matters.

Quality and Patient Safety Chair(s)

Dr Lucie Filteau
Chair | Ottawa, ON


  • Dr Daniel Chartrand
  • Dr Gregory Dobson
  • Dr Kelly Mayson
  • Dr May-Sann Yee
  • Dr Mullein Thorleifson
  • Dr Conor Gerard McDonnell
  • Dr Sherissa Microys
  • Dr Homer Yang
  • Dr Jordan Tarshis
  • Dr Philippe Richebe
  • Dr Michael Chong
  • Dr Vanessa Sweet
  • Dr Haotian Wang, Resident representative
  • Dr Daniel Bainbridge
  • Ms Debra Thomson
  • Ms Cristina Mita

Resources – quality and Patient Safety