Research Advisory

The Research Advisory Committee’s (RAC) most visible activity is overseeing, on behalf of CARF, the administration of the CAS Research Awards Program that offers annual Operating Grants and a Career Scientist Award. RAC is also responsible for advising the CAS Board on the promotion of anesthesia research in Canada and maintaining a watching brief on medical research in Canada to ensure that the Society remains responsive to trends and initiatives as they develop.

A Grant Standing Subcommittee assists with the adjudication of research awards.

Research Advisory Chair(s)

Dr Gregory Bryson
Chair | Ottawa, ON


  • Dr Philip Jones, Vice-Chair
  • Dr Étienne De Médicis
  • Dr Hilary Grocott
  • Dr Sylvan Boet
  • Dr Derek Dillane
  • Dr Jonathan Gamble
  • Dr Alexander Gregory
  • Dr Gregory Hare
  • Dr Orlando Hung
  • Dr Philip Jones
  • Dr Eric Jacobsohn
  • Dr Keith Anderson
  • Dr Glenio Mizubuti 
  • Dr John Mireau
  • Dr Albert Moore
  • Dr Thomas Mutter
  • Dr James Paul
  • Dr Phillipe Richebe
  • Dr Sonia Sampson
  • Dr Harsha Shanthanna
  • Dr Diem Tran
  • Dr Alexis Turgeon
  • Dr Vishal Uppal
  • Dr Adriaan Van Rensburg
  • Dr Laura Duggan
  • Dr Kathryn Sparrow
  • Dr Véronique Brulotte
  • Dr Dolores McKeen, President

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