The CAS Awards Committee (AC) was established to adjudicate the CAS Honour Awards Program, ensuring that the awards are bestowed on those individuals who have distinguished themselves by the character of their contribution to CAS, the profession, or the community. The AC reviews and sets the categories, the eligibility criteria, nomination rules, and scoring guidelines, and selects the recipients having reviewed and considered the qualities, qualifications, and contributions of all nominees.

Awards Committee Chair(s)

Dr Angela Ridi


  • Dr Achal Dhir
  • Dr Richard Hall
  • Dr Ronald George
  • Dr Angela Ridi
  • Dr Maria Salman
  • Dr Jennifer Vergel de Dios
  • Dr Hilary MacCormick
  • Dr Malek Dhane, Resident Representative
The CAS Chief Executive Officer (CEO) can attend committee meetings at their discretion​.